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Our Story

There are more than 14,000 children in foster care across Arizona. True Pursuit is here to support as many of these children as possible.

Where it all started...

Shane and Angel Bishop have always had a heart for adoption.


They were married in 2000 and shortly after were given the news that biological children would not be possible for them. Despite the odds, and with the help of fertility, they had their first son. After several failed attempts following his birth, and a miscarriage, they started their adoption journey.

They met with different agencies and soon discovered the dire need in Arizona's foster care system. 

After receiving their first foster placement, a little girl named Sienna, their eyes and hearts were open to doing everything they could to make a change in Arizona's foster care system.  Sienna changed their lives and became a permanent part of their family through adoption. 

Shortly after Sienna, they got another placement...their daughter Anissa. It's through the stories of these two girls that True Pursuit began and has since helped hundreds of kids.

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True Pursuit was born...

Shane and Angel began to ask agencies, foster youth, and group homes the same question: "What are your biggest needs?" The responses were the same...a place for safe environments and activities for the kids and positive mentors.


That's when they started True Pursuit.


They began by matching mentors with foster youth and starting various activity-based camps: basketball camps, cheer clinics, dance, music & arts, and more! They wanted to give these kids a sense of normalcy and an abundance of love. They spent 1:1 time with the kids to let them know they are seen, heard, and important. More and more people heard about this organization and True Pursuit has grown so much in the last few years thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who believe in the mission and growing the impact!

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  • Is there a great need for more foster parents?
    Yes. With the 14,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system, there are only about 3,000 licensed foster families. There are nearly 5 children in care for every licensed foster family. Children of all ages come into foster care, through no fault of their own.
  • How many children are in foster care in Arizona?
    There are close to 14,000 Arizona children in foster care.
  • How can I help?
    You can volunteer, look into becoming a foster parent or donate toward the many programs, activities, and events we have serving these children in foster care.
  • Can I sponsor a child for camp?
    Yes. To sponsor a child for camp it would be $275 per child.
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